Tuesday, May 26, 2009

still suffering

So he was very flat on Sunday, with his sore ear and throat and that continued into Monday. We decided to go, although it would have been easier on him if we'd stayed. We decided that there was no telling if he'd get better anyway, and, even in his current condition, it would be more enriching for him and everyone if we stuck at it, albeit at his pace. It was hard for him that we were at a Travelodge so as to see Will, Vic and Elias, eating nice things - he didnt eat or drink anything. But seeing the sights (Tate Modern, street performers along the Thames, the tube trains, etc.) was at least a distraction for him. Our day in London was thus very much toned-down but still really enjoyable. It was great to see Elias and his parents doing so well after some scary interventions from the midwife who didnt seem to be able to communicate without making them feel inadequate and upset.

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