Friday, June 26, 2009

everyone says how much better he looks

Pads had a nice day really. In the morning he was with the consultant and they were viewing pictures of his scans, both with the tumour and without, from last week's scan. Instead of a lump, it was possible see a gap which the brain is still adjusting back into, and no sign of any more growth. Although the day drags with such a slow infusion, at least he's enjoyed the tennis, and claimed to have done some maths. Rather a large text book has arrived for him to get into gear for high-school, where the maths is very much on a different level to what he's used to. But everyone says how well he looks. This is largely to do with the absence of the NG tube. We recall that as soon as he'd brought his tube up, and got it fully out, he'd be at least 20% happier.

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Unknown said...

So thrilled with the scan result and how much happier Padi is without the NG tube. Our home group, here in NZ , is praying for you, and I will share the good news with them tomorrow.
Meryl Ringer