Thursday, June 18, 2009

no show

I popped in to see Pads and Al. Conditions on the surgical ward are not as good as in the newer Children's Hospital. For Pads this means no telly on tap. For Al this means nothing to sleep on and a far less well equipped parents' room.
Pads was pretty low, although he did smile for me a bit when I produced my special gift of his spare pants and socks from a bag. So they're staying in the night. When I was there they put paracetamol through his port and were going to give him a drip, as he hasnt eaten or drunk anything all day. His tummy was hurting so much that he didnt like to breathe or talk. He was in no mood to show me his tube. I dont think he had bargained on being in as much pain from the operation as he was. Hopefully this will ease overnight and tomorrow as it's just one more unpleasant thing.... but his NG tube was gone, so that must be better.

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