Thursday, June 11, 2009

race for life

Ally would quite like it to be known that she's doing the 'race for life' on 8th July and would be grateful for any sponsorship, large or small. It's not brilliant that it's on prayer meeting night but most or all of them happen on the Lord's Day, which is out of the question. There is a possibility that Pads might agree to go along too... he'd put on quite a turn, in his wheelchair getting pushed by his mum - at least she'd burn some extra calories. There's no expectation that you'll actually run it and it's only 5 kilometers, but the cause is well worthy. Have a look at the lefthand side of the blog where you'll see a link to Ally's donations page.
Pads was very slow starting today. He spent a while looking around the library but couldnt find anything worth reading (he's on the Silmarillion at the moment). There were flashes of his perky self at times.

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