Wednesday, June 10, 2009


It seems like P is getting worn out with the treatment. He is not sleeping well, wakes up late, complains of feeling zonked, by 3pm he says it's been a long day. There have been two days of big meetings for him though. Today it was with the parents, the play therapist and child psychologist. There may well be some things that we can do to help him deal with his very real fears.
He went for a McBurger afterward and was really quite cheery.
Meantime, we're 'looking forward' to quite a big week next week, when there's an MRI scan planned for Monday and meeting the surgeon who might be able to fit him in for the GEP (we're not allowed to say it the right way around) although this might mean delaying chemo, which tends to mess the family diary up quite a bit.

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