Friday, July 17, 2009

amazingly good day 'out of the blue'

Well - where did he get the energy for that!? It really is just a case of 'day at a time'... Today he was in school for the whole day (the first one for so long even Ally cant remember), then we were all at a BBQ with friends (P ate half a corn-on-the-cob). After that there was the leaving do, which was very thoughtfully put together. Lots of funny footage and pictures from their years at Ysgol Mynydd Bychan, lots of the school staff came along - Pretence was buzzing! He stayed there to the end (9:30pm) and all the teachers were giving him hugs.
This picture is when they were checking their answers to the quiz which was made up of questions relating to each of the children. It was just as well he made it in today as his class had all signed and commented in a farewell card and they'd made another collection for him - this is the kind of thing that prompted Ally to laud his class and the staff when she gave a little thank you speech at the end of the show on Monday: their support has been wonderful.
Pads had a good day, one of the best for ages.

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