Saturday, July 18, 2009

RIAT 2009

We're back from RIAT 2009. We had a great day although it was tiring. We'd had the plan to do this last year for Asher's birthday 'party' with his school chums but the event was rained off. Quite what a major 'todo' that was became apparent today - what a massive event it is: spread over at least a mile of runway!
Pads was up for it, at 7:40 - which was really impressive, although he did wane towards the end of our time there and we responded accordingly. Just in case, we'd bought him entry to one of the enclosures and he was there the whole time with Rhys with an excellent view of the runway. Meanwhile, I and the boys toured the show. Top tips learned include getting there earlier (but that was out of the question today), taking a lot of cash, and using the free bus service more to get around. Oh yes, and, be prepared for 8-9 year olds to find each other more fun than the show :-) unless they spot some storm-troopers, that is! Even the Red Arrows were no match for these guys...!
After that, we visited a Farm near Wotton-under-edge. The boys wanted to play cricket and we had to 'do' the cake. Pads revived and enjoyed the animals too.

Finally, I must add that Pads was brilliant for his needle yesterday and we are very grateful to God for what we have seen and done over the last 7 days.

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