Tuesday, July 21, 2009

bad experience

There's quite a marked deterioration in the high frequency hearing (irrecoverable but hardly noticable in normal daily life) so we await to see if they change the chemo regime at all.
Earlier, Pads had his kidney function test. Even while watching a gripping film he couldnt tear himself away from the venflon. He was terrified and withdrawing his arm, saying 'no!'
It didnt help that the Dr didnt get the vein until the 3rd attempt and Pads was positively yelling. When I came in later after work and asked him how things went he just broke down for 10 minutes.
We decided to go out for a family walk in the park. Pads was in his wheelchair having complained of walking quite a bit today. When we got to the swing-park it wasnt long before his was up and larking about with the others though....

Rhys is apparently getting stronger day by day which is great news.

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Susanna said...

ha! who needs a gym with a toy like that in the park...don't tell me, it says 'under 12's only'.......