Friday, July 10, 2009


Pads is getting some pain in his tummy - a kind of burning which we cant really account for. It started a few days ago without cause. Routine now includes 6am cocktail of drugs and new entral feed: codeine, picosulphate, ondansetron. Something like this caused an alergic reaction the other day but thankfully not this morning.
But it was very pleasant to welcome Yahyah from Oman, with his family, having celebrated his graduation on Tuesday (you can watch the video on the Cardiff Uni Website). It was also wonderful to see another friend from church, Lillian, recieve her PhD! Congratulations on such hard work!


Susanna said...

a type of indegestion maybe? :( Not that he needs another sypmtom!

Mike said...

Hi Susanna! Thanks for the suggestion but pads is mystified at that - says he hasnt eaten in ages... the burning sensation is just under the skin so we're hoping it's not an infection but he has no other symptoms of that and his blood results came back fine from when he had chemo and bloods taken this morning - good news.