Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Race for Life

Everyone had a great time at the Race for Life.
Thank you to everyone who supported Ally, Ruth and Moli. They took a 'powerwalk' approach which was energetic enough to greatly assist a good night's slumber. However, Pads feed pump has broken and the company was willing to send out a replacement tonight so we thought we'd better take advantage of that since Pads has only had the end of a battered sausage and half a chip since this morning. Yes, it's been a better day for him. Another slow start but all he missed in school was sex education, the very mention of the word appalls him. What a stupid society we live in that on the one hand robs children of any innocence (especially through marketing and media) and on the other hand wraps them up in cotton wool and red tape. After a short meeting with the Children's psychologist, he had an hour or so in school before going out with the others to the Race for Life (Rhys wasnt quite as well as this picture makes him look - poor thing).

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