Monday, July 6, 2009

Still time to sponsor Al

The Race for Life is on Wednesday evening - still time to sponsor Ally if you've thought about it but not committed.
In spite of last week's heroics to get to the Art Centre last Tuesday, he's been quite flat and feeling sick, not looking like making it to school at all. At least he was able to last for the entirity of the play therapist's visit today. He does pick up as the day goes on but it's a bit late for school by then. Coming up are the Year 6 Farewell Show and the Year 6 trip. Pads eyes these with hope but knows the liklihood of either is pretty contingent. He's got a line or two to narrate at the show, with no pressure to turn up as a standin has been appointed. It would do him good to carry it off though.

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