Thursday, July 16, 2009

poor pads

He's been having some rough days. Today he was pretty flat in bed. After turning the tube yesterday it's giving him quite a bit of pain. It seems like he's slightly allergic to codeine too so he gets itchy if we give him the authorised (30mg) dose. He'd been looking forward to a visit to the hot-tub at Ruth's, having passed the stipulated number of days after the PEG fitting. But having eventually got off his bed and into the car, the time was quite short and the journey to Ruth's made him feel ill so he didnt want to do anything but sit. Tonight I've got hold of an audio book - Master and Commander, unabridged, lasts for about 12 hours. He's running out of i-player things to watch. His ill-health is only to be expected at this point in the cycle. Hopefully he'll begin to come back up towards the weekend.

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