Wednesday, July 15, 2009

An enjoyable hour at Pembray

Yesterday Pads managed to make it to Pembray where his Year were having a trip.

Nice place. He even went down the tabogan run but his fizz only lasted for an hour so it was as well that Ally had gone with him. Still, it was very worthwhile. He's been quite flat today again. The nurse who looks after PEG tube people visited. With the entry site healing satisfactorily, it doesnt need to be quite so tightly clamped to his tummy. Pads assisted in moving it in and out a bit. He says it hurts now but even that is preferable to the days of NG tubes.
Ruth has sent me a photo of Rhys to show you from their trip to the Hampton Court Flower Show. With the cart he was able to do his own thing and didnt find it too tiring. He's not predicted to be ill for long enough to justify having a 'blue badge', like Pads has. This means he doesnt automatically get access to disabled parking and facilities, even though he has certainly needed it for the last weeks and will continue to need it for another month or more.

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