Monday, July 13, 2009


Very difficult light and distance to get a good shot of the show but here's Pads on the stage (second from left):
Pads was almost completely flat today. It didnt help that he was feeling quite sick most of the time. It came to time to go into the dress rehearsal but Pads was too tired to get up. I suggested a nap (always nervous of these as they rob him of proper sleep in the night) and he went off quickly. I woke him but he just felt more ill than before. 'I hate this', to which I could only suggest he be brave: no rehearsals for him. But he started to rally and we made it out to the show. It was Tan ar y Comin. Pads appeared for a couple of songs and read his lines - astonishing performance. It was an emotional end to the evening with Pads singled out by the head for a special mention and Ally had a chance to thank her in return, as well as the school and parents, assuring them that not everyone we meet at the hospital enjoys such fabulous, generous support. Just a few more days and events left of Year 6, but that was a big one. By the way, Asher did a great job in the choir too.
Pads having a chat with the head after the show had ended.
Ash in the chorus:

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Susanna said...

Well done Pads!!! You are making eberyone very proud of you (in a good way!) we are parting that God will help you through all that you haev to face. Lots of love