Saturday, August 15, 2009

Just out after 3 1/2 hours - not bad

Having made a tentative plan to go on a bit of a family trip in the afternoon, we spent quite a bit of the day on jobs. We were itching to go but Pads had not really picked up enough. He bravely got his top half dressed but felt too ill and finally was strongly ill. This was very upsetting for him - he howled quite a bit. He did calm down eventually but did not recover at all, in fact it seemed like he was nose-diving into a faint so, with neighbouring Johnsons looking after the other three, Al and I took him to hospital. He was quickly seen by the nurse and then examined carefully by two doctors who were both superb - very thorough and excellent communicators. The main nasty bit for Pads was having to have another port access needle. In fact, because he's put on a little bit of weight, that length of needle was not quite long enough, so he had to have that one pulled out and another much longer one put in!
The bloods were significantly better than yesterday's - no longer neutrapenic and HB fine too, no sign of infection or electrolite imbalance. He even had an ECG taken, with ten sensors. As time wore on, he gradually perked up and, since all the tests were fine, we were free to go.
This was a slightly different way of spending the early evening than we'd planned but, as usual, you go into hospital and immediately meet others with worse stories. One child had been in more than out for the last two weeks with three temperature spikes delaying his chemo...

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