Sunday, August 16, 2009

we're getting better at this - just 2 hours today

'It's not working, I just feel awful. It's [the DS] not distracting me at all.'
So I've switched on the i-player to let him watch 'Walk on the Wild Side'. We're back from a visit to hospital again today. I trundled him over the park to Sky ward because his PEG tube hole was hurting, oozing and going red around it a bit. We had to wait around because the Dr (same as last night) was dealing with some urgent ones. The decision was to swab to check for infection and to give anti-biotics (fluclox 250mg). At least he's in bed now but I hope the calpol will have worked by the time the programme is over.
In other news, Moses struck again. He found the praline/strawberry pavlova on the kitchen table too tempting and snaffled a bite out of one side. Dogs! But I dont blame him - it was fantastic!

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