Monday, August 17, 2009

pretty flat

Pads had a bit of a poor start to the day. The antibiotics are making him feel grotty - they really mess with his guts. By just after nine, he'd dispensed with the 6am doses of anti-biotic and ondansetron (anti-sickness), and calpol. He'd got to quite a pitch of distress, as the sickness had come on him while in the bathroom and he'd been calling from there for a while and Moli was leaving for her church holiday.
The thing then is to know how much of it to put back in... Decided on a dose of anti-biotic and half a dose of calpol. Thankfully we had no further sickness although he was not confident about going too far from 'home comforts'. The small boys were good value for a while, gamely trying to play monopoly in his cramped bedroom. He brightened up in the afternoon and evening that's not saying much.
Yesterday they weighed him before not quite giving him pain relief (so we returned over the paving slabs with more groans and wimpers - which I find as stressful as anything). He is 32.5 Kg. Just over a year ago he was over 33!

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