Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Our normal

Our normal, and it does feel normal, is knowing that Pads is on a knife-edge as to whether he feels ok or not. This morning he was in bed after quite a good sleep but Al was trying to get out at 10am-ish to visit her sister and wanted to take him and the others. He started to feel very ill but after 2 types of anti-sickness drugs, he started to level off and they eventually left at 11. Having said that, the main thing that caused them to be late leaving was that Asher had lost his wallet containing all his money (£90) - some from his recent birthday - it turned up in the swinging chair!
Pads had his needle in today for bloods and chemo on Friday night. He seemed to be taking it quite well when, at the last moment he was saying 'no!' and trying to prevent it with his hands - I had to come and help restrain him and when I was in position too he was fine. The psychologist talks of this being typical 'child' behaviour - initial resistance and then it vanishing completely.
Here are some photos from the Summer Conference last week:

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