Friday, August 7, 2009

6th Cycle day

The kids have had a full few days. Thursday the small boys went to Bristol Zoo with Antie Bethan (expending their limited edition 'day out with Auntie Bethan' birthday vouchers). Pads tried to sneak along too but it hadnt been his birthday and he ended up going, with Moli, to see a farm where Auntie Ruth's owls are currently living. Then, in the evening, Pads got to go with Auntie Bethan after all - to the Dr Who exhibition and then to Old Orleans. Demonstrating what a fine line there is between feeling OK and not, was it the slightly over-filled mouth of enchilada or feeling slightly too hot in his hoodie, he had to rush to the 'rest-room'.
Thank you Auntie Bethan!
Meanwhile the rest of us enjoyed a trip to murky Barry Island: here's a picture of Rhys enjoying his last day with the wheelchair they hired.
Today is glorious in Cardiff - perfect for being 'tied' to a hospital bed waiting for drugs to infuse.

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