Saturday, August 8, 2009

The switch to carboplatin

Carboplatin is replacing cisplatin because it should be less likely to affect Pads' hearing now that it's showing deficit in the very high pitch levels. He'll still have to have hearing tests because the new drug may still have that effect. If it does then there will be some hard thinking about which course of drugs to pursue because something with 'platin' (platinum) in it is the most effective. Carboplatin, I am told, is still a 'first line' drug, just not drug of first choice as cisplatin for Pads' type of cancer. Just to be clear, it's still thought that he has done very well to stay on cisplatin for as long as he has - many have to switch before the 6th cycle.
At one point the Dr was worried that P was reacting against the drug and so slowed the administration of it. But even so, they were home late afternoon which was a huge benefit compared to being still in up to midday on Sunday after being admitted. So we launch off into this cycle into the unknown with a drug Pads has not had before: we dont know how he's going to react to it although we are told it is less stringent in side-effects than cisplatin.
Last night we attended a charity concert in the St David's Hall in aid of the Noah's Ark Appeal, something we feel hugely indebted to. Pads was baby-sat for/on. The UK Medical Students Orchestra had been together, with their young conductor Jack Smith, since Monday night and produced a lovely sound. We were especially impressed with the Grieg Piano Concerto, played by Maria Marchant - definitely a name to watch. It was also great to see Beth, our friend, playing the french horn.

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