Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Audiology OK again

Fair play to Pads - having been quite ill at 7:10 this morning (it really rushes upon him with about 20 seconds warning), he made it out for the audiology clinic at 8:30
This is a painless test to see if the platinum-based chemo is causing him hearing loss. The previous test showed that cisplatin had permanently reduced his ability to hear at very high frequencies: hardly noticably in fact. We all wanted to know if the carboplatin would do the same. The good news was that his hearing showed no further detriment. If it had worsened again then the medical team may well have decided to stop giving him carboplatin and he needs all the chemo he can take to avoid a recurrance of the tumour.
Tonight, Mum's taken him to sort out a few items for school tomorrow - his first day of secondary education at WICS. Moli is VERY excited at the prospect of showing him around.

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