Tuesday, September 29, 2009

not sleeping

Pads has not been sleeping well. He's been reasonably active and is used to the night feed but every time I ask, he always says he's had a bad night. Today I peered in and he said he didnt think he'd strung more than 10 minutes together. This is always a surprise because he's very good at not disturbing us. There are all kinds of side effects to the treatments, not just sickness, which he has not had much of at all lately. Some parents report big mood swings, etc., so it could easilly be just another side-effect. On Saturday it was great to get his best friend from primary school over for the afternoon - they had a lively time with the wii and took the dog for a decent walk. Pads made it to church, just for the Sunday morning service to see Reuben dedicated. The downstairs was quite full but there were over a hundred people who stayed for lunch in the hall afterwards. Pads opted the quiet life having been unable to mount the hall stairs because the smells of cooking were turning his stomach. Monday (yesterday), he made it out for Gaenor's funeral, another big event. Sadly I had to teach in the afternoon (busy time of year with new students to induct), but I heard it was a wonderful service, including a hymn composed especially for Gaenor by Mr Higham.

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