Saturday, September 26, 2009

trip to BNI Burton Chapter in Neath

Pads is pretty flat, although his blood counts are holding up - they were checked yesterday. We expect them to plumit again over the next couple of weeks. No chance of getting him to school at the moment but he does the work that comes home via Moli. He always says he's not sleeping well.
Yesterday morning I represented LATCH at the BNI Burton Chapter. They had raised well over a £100 through 'fines' over the last six months: if someone's mobile phone goes off or they're caught using it they have to put a pound in the box. By the end of the 6 months the box was chock-full so it was as well I'd brought a collection tin! I had a brief opportunity to speak about how LATCH support those in 'freefall' after the diagnosis is recieved by parents. In many ways, those who live in Neath were more in need of LATCH's services than us as we live so close to the Hospital. LATCH has top quality accomodation for carers to stay near their children during periods as in-patients. However, even for us, LATCH have been fantastic in spotting the gaps and filling them, for example, with helping us get Disability Living Allowance and a 'blue badge' for the car so that we can park easilly. Then there's all the fun things LATCH organise - such as parties, visits from celebrities and trips, like the ones to No. 10 and Highgrove. Got your Christmas cards yet? ;-)
Later, I took the proceeds to the LATCH office, just a stone's throw away from my own and they were delighted.

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