Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Distraction box

Today Pads went for a visit with the clinical psychologist again to work on some coping strategies for needles. He's been doing remarkably well - finger pricks for blood tests and accessing the port are not nice. But the miss-named 'butterfly' that goes into his hand for kidney function tests is still beyond the pale. While they were chatting they hit upon the idea of him making rubber-band balls and possibly selling them for charity. We also have a prescription to visit Hawkins in town. This would be part of a special 'box of distractions' that would only come out when he was going to have a needle. Other things that help are not having too much notice of getting a needle and watching an exciting film while it's happening.
Generally he's been quite ill the last couple of days. Very tired in the mornings and not up for much after that. We did walk back over the park today but that was exhausting for him.

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