Thursday, October 8, 2009

Antiemetics sometimes ineffective

There was half a chance that P would make it to school today - he was talking about it last night... but he reported another bad night and was staggering around this morning when he finally got up. Thankfully, the blood test from a sample taken at 8:30am gave a more respectable reading than the last two. He is having a rough time but we're looking forward to him coming back up before long. The effects of the anti-sickness drugs seem totally random at times. Tonight at 11pm, without any warning he was ill again - all he had time to do was turn the feed pump off, but he didnt manage to locate a receptacle... So the pump goes back on very low speed (25ml per hour). Makes us think that aiming for 2 bottles a day is over-optimistic.
Earlier, looking wan in his wheelchair, he'd zipped us to the top of the queue at the GP's to get our flu jabs (past hoards of expectant pensioners). The nurse was very good - one flick of the wrist and sleeve and it was all over. Pads was much more relaxed about it this year and that, he thinks, is why it didnt seem to hurt so much. Hopefully it won't hit him or us too hard as it washes around our systems...

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