Thursday, October 15, 2009

fame at last

He's not well but he's not really bad either. Watching the news makes him feel happy and 'famous' because he's one of those 'reported' cases of swine flu. It is said that he'll need 48 hours without a temperature spike before they'll let him home. They may try a different antibiotic when the blood cultures results show up tomorrow.
Although his HB is up to 9.5, he wont have developed enough immunity this time around and so is being lined up for the swine flu jab when it comes out in a couple of weeks. Ally also had public health on the phone wanting to know about him.
Flu is a strange concept. There's the virus, that you may or may not notice you'd had. Then there's the full-on 5 days shivering in bed feeling like death. I would really hesitate to state that 'I had the flu'. But the medics were saying that lots of people have been swabbed with only a couple of symptoms and yet, every time, the results come back positive.

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