Friday, October 16, 2009

School's out

Pads is generally quite ill but also is in good spirits. They had an interrupted night - especially after 4am again but it's quiet in the room and restful so easy to have a doze. The nurses are all really excellent. They sit right outside the door so it's no problem for Ally to come out for a bit, like last night when we had a few hours together in the house.
We're all 'off school' today. B is hopefully coming to the end of his illness but not worth going in today - nasty cough which causes increased concern because of his asthmatic tendencies. A is possibly at the start of something - a bit lifeless and sore throat. M is horizontal. But I took everyone's temperature this morning and I top scored (nothing dreadful)! Yes, I've got a bit of a temp today, plus other symptoms so keeping ourselves to ourselves today.

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