Friday, October 16, 2009

Some improvement

P has had no calpol since 4am and no temp spikes, so the only thing keeping him in is needing IV fluids. There was nothing nasty reported in blood cultures so that's good news too. They're concerned about his diarrhoea (sorry!) but it's induced by the current drug cocktail, and by the flu. The fact that it's swine flu, finally confirmed by the consultant today, is better than it being other forms of 'flu-a' as it is known to be less nasty than the others. His chest was not quite sounding normal so looks like he will need to bring some anti-biotics home. But flu symptoms come and go: they can't commit to saying he'll be well enough to go home today or tomorrow. Bringing up a lot more spit today. Bo is currently top-scoring on the temp front - with 37.9 - just gave him calpol.

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