Sunday, October 18, 2009

steady, quiet day

It was my turn to spend a night and then the best part of a day in the isolation room. There is a sense that we're over the worst now. Pads' temperature has stayed normal all day. The consultant was very happy with his condition, including the sound of his chest and the fact that he'd not vomited today. His guts still sound like they're churning if you get too close to them. The prospects are that he'll come off the drip in the morning and then get assessed after that to see if he can return home in the afternoon. Our main worry then would be that he avoids getting the same virus again, with his immune system all shot to pieces and unable to 'learn' about what it's just been through. However, the medical team are in full possession of the facts, including an awareness of the state of the other children (M still flat, Ash recovering, Bo - pretty bright), so this will also be taken into account when the decision to release him is made. Earlier I was looking through some photos with Pads, including one of Jack Sharp who had been a prisoner in the WWII Japanese POW camps. A group of us had visited the National Arboretum in November 2008 because my grandfather was a survivor. Jack Sharp had endured 14 months in solitary confinement. It added a bit of perspective to Pads 5 days of isolation!

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