Saturday, October 17, 2009

He could be in until Tuesday

Pads could be stuck in for another few days. The fact is that he's not managing his own fluid balance because so much is exiting before he gets to absorb it. The blood results from this morning showed that he's ok on most scores except white blood cells. The lomustin (chemo) kicks in around now (at week four of the cycle), plus the flu knocks your white blood cells, so these are taking a hammering. But there are signs of improvement with his chest and his spirits are still bright - probably brighter than the kitchen at home tonight, which was decidedly lack-lustre... Moli and Ash are both low, Bo has been better but is still not quite right. He managed a dog walk with me this morning. We enjoyed testing branches to see if they were rotten by jumping on them. The springy ones were like trampolines and the rotton ones just broke, but were fine for a bit of 'log rolling'. Then one of our friends took him to play at their house for a couple of hours as he's pretty much through.
The parents are not too bad at all by now - still coughing and feeling occasionally droopy - nothing new there though...

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