Saturday, October 17, 2009

Bo's emerged

The night was fairly peaceful at home but Ash and Mol are still under the cosh. Ally reports not getting much sleep at all, as much through not being able to as anything. Pads has a pain in his tummy that's related to the drugs and strong vomiting he's been doing, but thankfully he wasnt sick in the night and that means a bottle of the good stuff has gone in and stayed down. He's also got pain when he coughs, hopefully that won't prevent him clearing his lungs... Al's going to ask about physio for him today. In any case, they'll give him anti-biotics to ward off a chest infection. Bo was very reluctant to get dressed this morning - wanting to enjoy the pampering and relaxation that goes with a day on the sick. But his temp was the lowest of the kids at home this morning and, plonking on the piano as I type, he seems to be fairly well out of the flu now so that's a shaft of 'light at the end of the tunnel'.

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