Friday, October 16, 2009

would be really nice if he didnt get pneumonia

It was great that Al was able to come and see us for a bit. We talked about the day and how it compared with some of the real low points in Pads' suffering over the past year - like the time in France on holiday when he had to sleep in the front seat of the car because it was the only position he could relax into. This morning I noticed the arnica homeopathic pills in the bathroom cabinet that the French GP prescribed.
Before she came out of hospital, Ally saw the chest x-ray machine being wheeled into another room. It would be great if he could avoid that.
As she was leaving to return to Pads, Ash came down saying he was dizzy. We had just settled him into Pads' bed when Moli appeared with another nose bleed. Both of them usually sleep on top bunks - not the best place for dizzy folk, so they've been settled back down at lower levels.
Earlier, we read and prayed together - John 20, the resurrection. Whatever befalls us here, the future is to follow the Lord Jesus into and then out of the tomb!
Stop Press: txt message just in saying that Pads is much brighter on mum's return - appreciating the chance to listen to audio books on her MP3 player. Also, it looks like Moli and Ash are going to get some tamiflu from the hospital as they're still earlyish stages.

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