Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Pads has had a quiet day in isolation on Ocean ward. Everyone wears a mask to enter the room and parents get to eat hospital food because they reckon you're stuck. It gets handed through the door on a paper plate and plastic cutlery that you're asked to dispose of. The swab results were a little confusing but it was clear enough that he has 'flu A' - not sure what strain yet, we should find out tomorrow. So he's on Tamiflu, which should shorten the length of the infection. It's supposed to be quite an unpleasant drug, but I was told that people on chemo hardly notice the side effects compared to what they usually have to put up with! They expect Pads to get a chest infection too so there'll be antibiotics to bring home, if he gets out tomorrow. He's really been not much more ill than Bo, who spent a lot of today snoozing, so there's no expectation of school for him tomorrow either. They've both had temperatures but both have, thankfully, been under control. The assumption is that Ally, Asher and myself, have all got it too: thus Ally is not required at work until Monday in spite of them being quite short staffed.

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