Sunday, October 4, 2009


This morning P was a bit slow moving and then, late morning, he was complaining of a funny texture and some pain on his tongue. Ally phoned the hospital and took him in. The diagnosis was thrush - it's come on due to vulnerability induced by chemo. His mouth and throat is giving him quite a bit of pain and the medicine (Nystatin) is pretty horrible, but then he was saying that even water tasted nasty earlier! At least he doesn't have the NG tube giving further grief. It was a year ago that he had thrush from the radiotherapy, in fact, that reminds me that I failed to mark the anniversary of starting radiotherapy, which was a year ago last Thursday the 1st October...
Anyway, his mood improved as the day went on, making domino runs (thanks Catherine & Malcolm) and doing his SS Great Britain jigsaw. Then Neil kindly sat with him for us to both go to the evening service and he was fairly chirpy. But little chance of school tomorrow.

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