Monday, November 23, 2009


P's temp has stayed nice and low since he returned yesterday at 3pm. It was longer than expected as the nurses were very busy. He needed his antibiotic and the line (going into his port) flushed. One of the reasons I was wanting him home last night is that I was told the room was expecting another patient, which is always going to be more disturbed. When Ally went to read her bible yesterday morning it sparked an hour of conversation about their testimonies and how the Lord had been their strength and shield through the diagnosis and treatment. From conversations with others on the ward she heard about other patients who had not done so well as Pads, in fact we know of four who have relapsed and died while P has been on treatment and we feel humbled that we're getting off so lightly at the moment. Meanwhile, the rest of us were in church, hearing how important 'brokenness' is in the life of a Christian. Pastor Bob Dickie from Flint, Michigan, was preaching about how King Hezekiah prayed earnestly with a broken heart and was heard.

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