Monday, November 23, 2009


Pads has had a good day overall. He's felt quite ill on times but basically he's stable. At one point yesterday one Dr was sending P home with the maximum dose of antibiotics while the other suggested the minimum! Ally stepped in saying that we ought to go with the lesser amount or it would be counter-productive. So far he's only benefiting from the antibiotics with the reddening around his PEG site lessening.
When he awoke this morning he was not up for much so played on the wii for about half an hour. Then he watched the BBC 'Life' episode on i-player about insects. After that he did some reading - he's on O Clermont i Nantes, by Stephen Jones - good practice for his Welsh and he may get the great man to sign it on Friday - TJF have promised him to see the team train. After pushing him around the park with Moses, he tried a bit of biology homework - it was labelling a vegetable cell but it was tricky to get a picture that was simple enough. Without giving him close attention, he became quite anxious and even desperate... I'm looking forward to him going back to school.

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