Friday, November 27, 2009

Trip to see the Wales Team

Pads had a great time at the Millenium Stadium today. Nicky Piper, TJF's head of fundraising met and accompanied us for the visit to the 'Captain's run out'. The teams get to sample the pitch the day before the match and a small select band are allowed in to watch. Pads met and got signatures from most of the team, plus two armfuls of souvenirs. He also made a very fleeting appearance with Ryan Jones on the regional news.
It was a fantastic break from thinking about hair loss. He wore a bandanna for the first time ever - because it was emblazoned with a Welsh flag. He was in a wheelchair for the whole time except when we pursuaded him to climb onto the turf. He was worried that he'd get into trouble (like the streaker in the Samoa game!). But he's very wobbly and needed to rest for the whole afternoon to recover.

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