Thursday, November 26, 2009

still down but a good night for the CLT

Pads and Ash spent the day with Auntie Ruth as both their parents were working today. A seems to be recovering but Pads is still pretty low about the hair loss, as one might expect. Ally was digging out all the old hats from last December. It seems that the old 't-shirt on the head' trick to help his bonce stay warm overnight was not fantastic so I've lent him my cotton balaclava instead.
Tonight Ally hosted a busy charity Pampered Chef party that raised over £200 for the Christian Lewis Trust who are celebrating 20 years of fundraising. Even if you couldnt come, if you would like to buy anything to contribute to this successful event you still could. The order book will be open for a short time - have a look at the catalogue online (I especially like the spatulas) and let us know if you want anything.

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