Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Moulting again

Neutrophils: 0.47 (improving)
HB: 11 (ok)
Platelets: 27 (poor)
Thus he's been in for a platelet transfusion today. Perhaps the donor was bald because tonight P's hair fell out again. Seriously though, he was very distressed about it. To finish treatment bald when you've been growing it happily for his entire chemo was as gutting as it was unexpected. Last Christmas he was bald from the radiotherapy. At least he'll look more the part when he goes to The Joshua Foundation sponsored events over the next couple of days.
Of course, it doesnt fall out all at once - the sides and patches of the top were still wanting to stay put for now so Ally got the clippers out and completed the job. Feeling rather light on top, he's gone to sleep using my old scout camp technique of wearing a cotton t-shirt on his head.
Asher has had a quiet day off school. If he has a good night he should be back in school for most of tomorrow.

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