Sunday, January 10, 2010

Couple of things today... Pads peg site is responding well to the treatment although it is giving some pain - generally a paracetamol will cover it. He is well aware that the best way out is eating more to the point that he doesn't need it.
We're predicting he won't make school tomorrow although he showed increased stamina today. He is improving but probably needs to come up another notch to avoid having to bail out.
We were fairly amazed that, having eaten a bowl of cereal, just before we left for church this morning, he said, 'I'm really hungry'! As we were short of time I pointed him at the Roses tin which he pounced on gleefully.
Also this morning, I noticed that, unlike the previous mop, the new hair growth is also happening very close to his surgery scar. This is a real turn up because that skin had been blasted the most with the radiotherapy.
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