Saturday, January 30, 2010

LATCH party - not his cuppa tea

They were all keen to head over to the annual LATCH party after Bob and Pat's 25th Anniversary service and tea.
When we arrived, it was such a contrast to where we had been, none of them wanted to stay more than a few minutes. We had arrived very late, but, as the compare excitedly announced a disco to the theme-tune of 'The Tweenies', followed by some sleezy pop song with 'adult themes', my four were all for bailing out. I still find it amazing that a disco with music and lyrics aimed squarly at the squalid end of the market is what gets served up for infants to bop to.
Pads was very gutted that the party was so dissapointing but it was clearly aimed at children much younger than him and that was fair enough. No thanks, he did not want to have his face painted or arm tattoo'd and he could care less about the balloon sculpters. I reminded him he's almost TCT material... but looking at their website, I doubt we'd fit in with their idea of fun either...
Pads recovered himself and they passed the evening with several games of Cluedo.
The 25th Anniversary of Bob and Pat's work amongst the deaf and disabled was a treat though and we were privileged to help out quite a bit with it. As Mr Higham said at the start of his address, they've persevered and sacrificed much over the years, and it was good that so many came to share and mark the occasion.

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