Friday, February 26, 2010

Dietician says to stop PEG feed

Pads is padding about, home from another day of school in which is feet hurt. One of the things he was told can help is go barefoot in the house so as to toughen up the soles of his feet.
The dietician was just on the phone and asked about P and his weight... and she said we could stop the PEG feed. Great! We get to kick 'George' (the name Pads gave to the pump) into touch. We always had a love-hate relationship with George, but we knew also that this was a little unfair. George, and his clones that we've occasionally had to get swapped out to, have been a real lifesaver. So, it is with some grateful sadness that we think of days or nights without the remorseless hum-buzz of the feed going in. It's also one less thing to cover up when we say goodnight to Pads who has an aversion to LED's when he's trying to sleep. We have to comb the darkened room for them. Even his projector clock has to wear Pad's hat in the nights, like my grandmother's wig stand. Quite what the point of having a projector clock is shall be left to the imagination...


Susanna said...

Just catching up- been a bit pre-occupied as Samuel Berry was born on Thursday night :) Glad to hear all is going well.

Mike Johnson said...

Hey hey hey! Congratulations! 3 boys - not a bad number to be goin on with ;-)
God has blessed you richly - may he continue to do so as time goes on, especially that you'd see the day when they close in with Christ and live godly ever after.