Friday, March 5, 2010

Another first

So Pads elected to go in on Wednesday afternoon to make up his extra half day in school this week, thus we're up to 3.5 days. By tonight he's very tired but still in good spirits. Earlier, Ally was recalling how it was about a year ago when we were reaching maximum stress about the NG tube. We've come a long way back since then. When he arose this morning he seemed weary and weighed down... but he worked through it, got ready and out. By the time he was in the car he was jolly and chatting with one of the others who share a lift, laughing at how they've succeeded in teaching three toddlers of the church to say, 'Bevis!' (the name of our good, stouthearted friend from France). On Tuesday, Pads was awarded first place in the eisteddfod for his calligraphy. You might recognise some of the ink-art from last year was used for the border and first letter. The text is psalm 117 in welsh. Apparently, quite a cheer went up when his name was announced.
In other news, Rhys has done a fantastic job of putting up the whiteboards in the church office. They are big and warped so he made a frame to hold them in place. It shows that he's also making progress.

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Susanna said...

Hello. Just wanted to share some happy news with you all- we had our 3rd Berry boy last week :) Samuel seems to be a happy and healthy little boy. Well done Pads for your calligraphy.