Saturday, March 13, 2010


At sealife chessingtonPads, A and B at the Chessington Sea-Life Centre.
I'm sorry about the lack of news - thankfully nothing major has occurred. It's difficult to get a sense of proportion as to what is newsworthy these days compared with previously.
Last Saturday, the male portion of the family took advantage of some tickets for Chessington 'World of Adventures' provided by Merlin's Magic Wand. (organised by 'Over the Wall', the charity that Mol and Ash are going away with at Easter). We had a clear and relaxed run down. The fact that we arrived at midday, with the park closing at 3pm, did not matter. We still had time to see most things and watch a few shows and performances. Three hours of trundling around was quite enough for Pads anyway.
You may remember that, on advice, we stopped feeding Pads through the PEG tube. We'd cut down to one bottle overnight to one in the evening. The medical staff thought that this was curtailing his appetite for 'real' food during the day so suggested we stop altogether. Pads was due for a weigh-in yesterday. If he maintained his weight, we would move closer to firming up arranging for the 'plumbing' to be removed. Earlier this week we checked his stats on the wii, which also measures weight but it looked as though he'd lost a few pounds from the time we stopped the feed. We immediately began plying him with high-calorie snaks! Anyway, the result was that yesterday his weight was the same as the last time he was measured in hospital, 38.6 Kg. They do want to check him again in a couple of weeks, but this is progress. To celebrate, it was McDonald's - this time he managed the fries as well as the burger! My days of regularly being handed unfinished morsels are on the wane.
Pads is generally keeping well, enjoying his 3.5 days of school, although his Wednesday outing was cancelled because of a cold which was at it's height then. But he's mostly through that now and it didn't stop him attending on Thursday and Friday.