Saturday, March 20, 2010


I was off to the Chippenham Conference today so talk had been about what the rest of the family would do with the day. Opinions were cast in the direction of the swimming pool and Pads sounded happy enough to sit it out. This morning though, he woke up with a radical change of mind and Ally made it her one goal of the day to secure the necessary dressing and a rash-vest. The ward were very happy to supply plenty of Tegaderm and, although it's early in the season (apparently), Cardiff Sportsgear came up trumps again. He had a great time, easily over-writing the memories of the fairly horrible time he had previously in the same pool. Although he didnt go down any of the slides, it seemed like he could have stayed in the 'lazy river' all day.
Basically Padrig is in really good form, ate a whole slice of toast on top of his oats this morning. Back in school for his half day Wednesday and full days on Thursday and Friday. He can be first up, welcoming a cup of tea at 6:45. On Thursday he was working through some algebra homework and finding it quite easy. He'd really struggled with maths while not being able to attend school but now it's being explained to him it all seems to be falling into place.
Earlier this week, Pads was wondering about why we'd done Moli's birthday cake (i.e. candles) in his room last year. It didnt occur to him that he was too ill to be anywhere else but we wanted to include him. Pidge recalled that it was just a few days after that that he contracted swine flu!

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