Friday, March 26, 2010

When Pads gets a headache

When Pads gets a headache, it's not like a 'normal' person getting one. There's been a bug doing the rounds that includes a headache and, we think, that's all it is. So he didn't make it into school for the half-day on Wednesday - a shame because he was wanting to do a full day so that mum could meet an appointment in the morning. That would have been another step of progress, but it can wait. The school phoned at 2pm yesterday after he'd willingly trundled off there Thursday morning. Al was half way through a haircut at the time! Pads was pleased to get out, even though he'd just started a calligraphy lesson. Ally called the hospital and they wanted to see him. Thankfully he picked up a bit with paracetamol and codeine on board, and responded well to all the neurological checks. After that he was weighed. He'd only lost a small amount, in spite of not eating very well the last few days. They were not able to see the right staff yesterday to get the go-ahead for removing 'the plumbing' (line and PEG). That should happen next week. This morning he's tired, has had a lie-in and will miss school. At least it seems that the headache has lifted, and now he's back in homework mode.

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