Sunday, March 28, 2010

What I've got

Pads is droopy and tired today. I'm sure it's what I've got as opposed to being worn out from yesterday. We went to the International Pool again which had been in some doubt given that his headache was back on Friday night. Asher had gone to a birthday party, Moli and mum to Scotland, so it was just Bo, Pads and dads. After concealing George (pet name for PEG), we enjoyed the lazy river although it was very busy (what a lot of people have tatoos these days!). But the 'first' was Pads going down the slides. Part of the problem has been the stairs to the launch platform, but he coped with that three times and had great fun.
The headache appeared briefly just once today, in the afternoon. A paracetamol and slow walk in the park seemed to remedy it. The one on friday night clearly disturbed him and the couple of suggestions I made seemed to only firm up the connections in his mind to pre-diagnosis events. He dropped off about 10pm. It will be good to get the next scan out of the way.
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