Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Port flushing day

It was good to get a visit from our nurse yesterday. She came to flush the port (involves a needle swilling out any stagnant blood as the access is not being used at all) and have a chat about the events of the last days. Pads was quite low, apart from when I distracted him with http://is.gd/b6jzw (but he didnt really need it - was fine with the jab). The nurse understood perfectly that he was struggling and encouraged us to seek out more psychological help if the clouds didnt lift over the next week or so. Headaches, feeling squiffy, shadows of the past. On top of that, Pads is bit of a worrier. One of the things he worries most of all about pleasing his parents. I show my face at 8am and he's sorry he's failed to meet his perception of our expectations which weigh heavilly on his mind. Last night, before I could confidently leave him to drop off to sleep, I had to state baldly that he did not have to go to school at all, even though I'm actually thinking these couple of pre-Easter days of school would be helpful. But there's every reason to think he's actually still battling a virus of some kind - we hear anecdotally of all kinds of funny bugs going around. So we'll see what a week brings by way of recovery. Meanwhile, arrangements are going ahead up to get the port and PEG out. We still didn't have a time-frame although there's a sense it could be any day. Getting both out at once can delay things but Pads jumped at the chance to get rid of 'George' asap, even if it meant having two operations (i.e. each time involving one of the dreaded needles in his hand).
Note to self: he needs to drink well over a litre a day so that's about 2 cups of tea and a 500ml bottle of something... water or squash. First cuppa of the day gratefully recieved at 8:55 am.

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Ruth said...

Rhys too is struggling post treatment. Energy comes and goes. Mood swings high to low.

His expectations of himself are higher than his capability, causing frustration weariness and anxiety. Yet he's doing as well as the medics said he would.

He forgets he always was a "Homer" ;-)