Monday, February 8, 2010

meccano arrives

Obviously there's less to report than when we were in the thick of treatment etc. Pads is doing very well. The main things still to deal with are his PEG site and sleep. The PEG site is still a bit messy (granuloma) and we're in touch with the specialist nurses about the best way to deal with it. Regarding sleep, if we fail to get him to bed early enough he gets quite negative, worrying about homework and whether he's going to have nightmares etc. Of course, if he wants to, he has plenty of negative things from the recent past to bring up! At times like that we need to be quite firm and say, 'sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof'.
Today a lovely parcel arrived from kind Irish relative 'out of the blue' - celebrating the end of treatment with us. It was a Meccano set, which he merrily grappled with for some time this evening. We're eager to make the trip over again - the last time was such a wonderful experience - not least because the sea was so amazingly calm and the 'stenna plus' with speedy boarding so comfortable.

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