Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Tonight Pads ate the closest thing I've seen to a normal plate of food (at least 'normal' for one that'd been served up for Bo and Ash). He survived school again today and wants to go and play badminton with me - so I'm just fitting typing this in before we pop off.
Earlier in the week, the PEG nurse advised us to apply hydrocortisone cream to the site and not to worry at all at his 'spare tyre' as he really needs it - growing boy.
Ash played well for his school on Tuesday against a team of lads at least a year older than him. Sadly his team took a pounding but they're back for more next week in a game of tag which they should do better at.

- Back from badminton. He did really well - hit plenty of them back to me and spent most of the time grinning a lot - a sight to warm your heart. After half and hour he decided to go without his woolly hat and thermal long-sleeve vest. He decided that stripping off to remove the long-johns would be a little bit too much for the rest of the folk in the leisure centre. It was quite enough for them to potentially get a glance of his PEG tube! He's keen to go again next week.

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